Clínica Villas Boas pioneers digital imaging

Founded 38 years ago in three small rooms and with modest equipment, Clínica Villas Boas invested in skilled professionals and advanced technology to pioneer diagnostic imaging across Midwest Brazil
Several years ago, PET-CT scans – the most effective method of detecting the recurrence of cancer – were unavailable in Brasilia. The equipment was expensive and the federal government had a monopoly on the production of FDG, the radiopharmaceutical used, producing it at only two facilities in the country – one in Rio de Janeiro and the other in São Paulo.

Clínica Villas Boas took the initiative to change the situation by installing the first private cyclotron in the country in Brazil’s capital city, thus allowing the manufacture of FDG-18 and paving the way for PET-CTs to be available across Brazil. The development was considered a major boon as new PET-CT equipment is installed every day in cities previously thought to be beyond the reach of this type of examination.  

At Clínica Villas Boas, the arts of medicine and technology go together for the benefit of all
Brasília’s strategic location in the center of the country guaranteed that Villa Boas Radiofármacos, a subsidiary of the clinic, would be able to deliver FDG-18 to medical centers in almost every city in the country.

Equipment at Clínica Villas Boas today is impressive, and includes tomography consisting of 256 channels, PET-CT with 128 channels, five MRI scanners, purely digital mammograms, digital Rx as well as interventional procedures and nuclear medicine (Symbian 16 channels) serving hundreds of customers every day. It is the only clinic in the Midwest region of Brazil with wide-bore MRI scanners, which makes having a scan a much less claustrophobic experience for patients.

At Clínica Villas Boas, the arts of medicine and technology go together for the benefit of all.

The clinic is committed to staying at the head of the field in diagnostic imaging, always seeking out the latest technologies in the market to set the standard higher.
Technology is part of Clínica Villas Boas’ commitment to delivering the highest level of medical care, which is not exclusively restricted to private patients. Like other private medical facilities in Brazil, Clinica Villas Boas provides medical services free of charge to children and families unable to pay for good medical healthcare

Clínica Villas Boas believes in giving back to the community and is a role model when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Each year it helps hundreds of cancer patients – especially children – who are dependent on the state’s healthcare system and are treated free of charge by anesthesiologists at the clinic. Deaf children requiring cochlear transplants are also helped here at no cost.

Furthermore, a little over 10 years ago, Clínica Villas Boas diversified its investments, giving birth to “Villas Boas Incorporadora”, which is responsible for the construction of commercial and residential real estate, employing hundreds of workers.

Nadine Padrón, Ana García Navarro and Eddy García-Zapatero.

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