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Mr. Farid Rahmani
President of SANZI GROUP
February 2012

Diversification is the key

Sanzi Group’s interests vary from meat and dairy products to electrical goods. Globus Vision talks to Mr. Farid Rahmani, President of SANZI GROUP, about his company’s wide-ranging strategies

We would like to introduce our interview by talking about the remarkable economical situation that Angola is facing now, nearly ten years after the Peace Treaty was signed. Could you please tell us what in your view have been the most important achievements during this period? And what are the most important sectors SANZI GROUP is investing in the Angolan market?

It is eight years since I arrived at Angola and I have seen many advances in terms of infrastructure and political stability including the progresses achieved in areas such as the construction of roads and the energy sector. Those are the reasons why our group is investing so much in the industry sector, bearing in mind the moment of economical diversification that Angola is experiencing in its national industry and the increase of the national production.

Sanzi Group

Sanzi Group was the first group in Angola with diversification in its services; already considered a leader in the sector not only in Angola but in Central Africa, in countries such as Congo and Namibia and even India and China. How would you define SANZI GROUP considering the excellent achievements it has acquired?

These achievements are the result of years of hard work. We have invested in industry as the local production increases and as the partnership with Egypt was stronger and we invested in a factory which creates metal structures. We also established a partnership with a Canadian company. We have as well a factory of plastic materials.
We want the group to take part in the current atmosphere of re-industrialization the country is experiencing being the reason for our special focus in the industry sector.

In addition to Angola where are you present?

Our main focuses of investments are Angola, Congo, India and China.

Could you please talk about the main line of production of SANZI GROUP, such as drinks, energy generators, electronic and electric material, food, pharmaceuticals, etc?

Nowadays we have a beer produced in Portugal called Kizomba; we have as well food such as meat which is directly imported from Argentina as well as dairy products. We also produce electric and electronic goods. There are other products that we import from India and Singapore. In relation to electrical appliances we represent some Brazilian brands. As well as importing frozen foods such as meat, eggs and chicken from countries such as Brazil, India and Germany. From Argentina we bring wheat flour, powdered milk and pasta. We represent brands such as Sicla and Alken which are among the top three in India. The group is amongst the most prominent companies in Central Africa in terms of alimentation goods, pharmaceuticals, electrical garments, clothing, and cars and in services of developing infrastructures.

Md Shahidur Rahman
Tuesday, Nov 27th 2012
Sanzee is on of the most growing company in Angola and most of the employes are indian so really its a matter of proudness
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