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Istidamah Environmental Solutions
March 2012

Turning the tide on trash

Istidamah is Kuwait's leader in electronic waste and waste oil recycling, materials recovery, and refuse derived fuel.
Khaled Al Mutawa, Chairman and Managing Director of Istidamah Environmental Solutions

Founded in 2010, Istidamah Environmental Solutions realizes the growing demand for clean technology in the MENA region and aims to capitalize on this dynamic market sector by providing state-of-the-art project solutions and services to both the government and private sectors alike.

Istidamah is primarily focused on development of projects and investment opportunities in the field of waste management and recycling, innovative renewable energy projects with particular emphasis on waste to energy, solar and wind infrastructure projects as well as providing specialized waste management services.

The company operates in three major tracks in the areas of industry, consultancy and services, all from an environmental perspective. In industry, Istidamah carries out solid, liquid and hazardous waste management (including medical and chemical waste), while in the area of consultancy, the company provides environmental solutions to the governments of Kuwait and GCC countries as well as to large and medium-sized companies.

Istidamah's environmental services include gathering waste from homes and companies for its recycling or appropriate disposal or destruction. With the environment truly at heart, however, Istidamah also believes in starting at the “grass roots” level with respect to awareness, and runs special recycling programs at elementary schools.

Istidamah was established to take Kuwait's ideas of environmental conservation and turn them into reality. “There is a need to shift from the stage of awareness on environmental conservation and protection to implementing environmental projects on the ground, in collaboration with the private sector institutions specialized in this area,” explains Khalid Mohammad Al-Mutawa, Chairman and Managing Director.

To date, Istidamah is the only business of its kind operating in Kuwait, yet it has plans to expand throughout the region. The company's corporate mission is to be recognized as one of the leading environmental, waste management and renewable energy companies in the MENA region.

Already, it has made big waves at policy level; in collaboration with environmental activists, and under the supervision of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Istidamah released the Istidamah Code for Kuwaiti Environment. One of the three clauses of the code that have been supported and adopted by 33 candidates to the recent parliamentary elections involves the adoption of laws, regulations and incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in environmental and environment-friendly projects under the state development plan, in consistence with the relevant international agreements.

A second clause will mandate the executive branch to implement a long-term awareness campaign for the Kuwaiti community on sound environmental practices.

For Mr. Al-Mutawa, sustainability isn't just possible – it also makes sense. “Our company has its own future vision with regard to sustainable environmental activities that meet Kuwait’s needs, meanwhile coping with Kuwait’s environment,” he says. Funding these activities (he proposes $1 billion) could easily come from the country's vast oil wealth. Moreover, Kuwait's involvement with renewable energies, for example, would “provide Kuwait with a significant stake in such players, as alternative sources of energy and income for Kuwait in the future,” adds Mr. Al-Mutawa.

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Wednesday, Mar 14th 2012
You need to start a campaign to educate people on the need for recycling. Why not start in schools, supply the bins for recycling and have a 'poster competition' with the subject being recycling in the home.
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